Who We Are

Cheryl Armitage

Chief media coach

Cheryl Armitage (chief media coach)is one of London's top media trainers. Her expertise is based on a long career in journalism, having worked extensively in television, radio and the press.

She has worked for BBC Radio 4 on the Today programme, File On Four and You and Yours among others. She has also reported and presented for ITV, in news, politics and magazine programmes. She has written for broadsheet newspapers and magazines.

She is frequently called in to advise on media presentation in crises and to improve the media profile of recalcitrant executives who have previously avoided the media spotlight!


Simon Bucks

Consultant partner

Simon Bucks (consultant partner)has been working in television news for nearly thirty years, and is widely acknowledged as one of the most experienced in the business.

His career spans almost every type of TV news programme including national, regional and 24 hour.

Simon has been editor of News At Ten, Controller of Programmes at London News Network, and run the Business Unit at Sky News.

He is currently Associate Editor at Sky News.