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Crisis scenarios & hypotheticals

Every organisation will, sooner or later, face a crisis. Making the right decisions and communicating them effectively requires skill and judgement. We can help you prepare with a multi-media hypothetical session; a unique and interesting way to train senior staff in coping with challenging situations.

The accompanying video illustrates a short section from a typical hypothetical.

Perfect for testing senior staff at conferences: we plan an unfolding crisis and challenge speakers to make decisions at every twist and turn of the plot.  The story builds through use of realistic video, web pages, mobile news, social networking pages and live phone calls - the entire range of modern media platforms which can challenge the reputation of any company.

Our skilled moderators will lead the participants through the unfolding story, and the decisions they make will have a direct bearing on what happens next: just as they would in real life. Sessions can also be run with a live audience, who can be invited to vote on how they would handle the crisis.

We will video the whole event so you can use it for subsequent training sessions.

The European Parliament

We devised a scenario in which MEPs are kidnapped by Somali pirates.  Twitter and Facebook pages revealed the plot and events forced a rethink in communications strategy.